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Raising Awareness for Thalassemia Prevention: Pakistan Bait ul Maal’s Event in Peshawar

Event Highlights

The event, organized by Pakistan Bait ul Maal, Peshawar, witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals such as Assistant Director Mr. Malik Zulfiqar and District Officer Mr. Muhammad Khan. Additionally, prominent organizations including Zhwandoon Welfare Organization, Frontier Foundation, Fatimid Foundation, and Hamza Foundation, along with their staff members and patients, actively participated.


Distinguished Guests and Attendees

Collaborating Organizations

Awareness Walk: Uniting for a Cause

Distinguished Guests and Attendees

Assistant Director Mr. Malik Zulfiqar: A key figure in Pakistan Bait ul Maal, Mr. Malik Zulfiqar’s presence underscored the event’s importance and commitment to thalassemia awareness.

District Officer Mr. Muhammad Khan: Mr. Muhammad Khan’s involvement showcased the local government’s support for the cause, emphasizing the collaborative efforts to combat thalassemia.

Collaborating Organizations

Zhwandoon Welfare Organization: By participating, Zhwandoon Welfare Organization demonstrated its dedication to enhancing healthcare and awareness initiatives.

Frontier Foundation: The participation of Frontier Foundation highlighted the collective responsibility of both governmental and non-governmental entities in thalassemia prevention.

Fatimid Foundation: Known for its significant role in supporting patients with blood disorders, Fatimid Foundation’s involvement added depth to the event’s impact.

Hamza Foundation: Hamza Foundation’s commitment to thalassemia awareness was evident through its participation, contributing to the event’s success.

Awareness Walk Uniting for a Cause

The event culminated in an awareness walk that symbolized unity and determination in the fight against thalassemia. Participants from all collaborating organizations, as well as concerned citizens, joined hands to raise awareness about the condition and its prevention.

Expanding on Key Points:

Preparation and Route Planning: Plan a suitable route for the awareness walk, considering participant safety and visibility. Coordinate with local authorities for necessary permissions.

Participant Engagement: Encourage participants to wear symbolic colors or attire that represents thalassemia awareness. Provide informative pamphlets or banners to participants for a visually impactful walk.

Speakers and Address: Invite representatives from collaborating organizations, medical professionals, or survivors to share brief insights on thalassemia’s impact and prevention.

Media Coverage: Engage local media to cover the event. Their presence can significantly amplify the message, reaching a wider audience and generating more awareness.


Pakistan Bait ul Maal’s event in Peshawar successfully brought together organizations, individuals, and authorities to emphasize thalassemia awareness and prevention. By uniting for a common cause, these stakeholders conveyed a powerful message and ignited positive change within the community.

Remember, raising awareness is the first step towards preventing thalassemia. With collective efforts, informed communities, and continuous support, we can make strides in eradicating this genetic disorder from our society.

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