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Zhwandoon Welfare Organization’s Collaborative Plantation Campaign with PDA

Introduction:In a remarkable endeavor to promote environmental sustainability and community welfare, the Zhwandoon Welfare Organization recently spearheaded a Plantation Campaign in collaboration with the Provincial Development Authority (PDA). This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective efforts in fostering positive change. The campaign not only focuses on the ecological benefits of planting […]

Zhwandoon Welfare Organization in Peshawar hosted the 76th Independence Day Celebration of Pakistan.

A celebration of freedom was organized in zhwandoon Welfare Organization Peshawar, in which children with thalassemia and their parents and street children participated.*Professor Samina Ifat Coordinator Jaiwan Welfare Organization,Usman Asif Deputy Commissioner Income Tax,*Habibullah Zahid CEO Habibi Welfare Foundation, On the occasion of Independence Day, prayers were offered for the security and peace of the […]

Zhwandoon Welfare Organization: Empowering Through Education and Compassion

In the realm of philanthropy and community upliftment, one name stands out with unwavering dedication and a profound commitment to the betterment of society – the Zhwandoon Welfare Organization (ZWO). This organization, driven by the vision of transformation and empowerment, has garnered attention and admiration from various quarters, including a prominent poet and educationist, Dr. […]

Empowering Lives: Peshawar Bar’s Remarkable Blood Donation Camp

In a world that often seems overwhelmed by chaos and challenges, acts of kindness and selflessness shine like beacons of hope. Recently, the Zhwandoon Welfare Organization (ZWO) orchestrated an extraordinary event that epitomized these qualities – a blood donation camp held in Peshawar Bar, Pakistan. With a resolute goal of preserving innocent lives, this event […]

Raising Awareness for Thalassemia Prevention: Pakistan Bait ul Maal’s Event in Peshawar

Event Highlights The event, organized by Pakistan Bait ul Maal, Peshawar, witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals such as Assistant Director Mr. Malik Zulfiqar and District Officer Mr. Muhammad Khan. Additionally, prominent organizations including Zhwandoon Welfare Organization, Frontier Foundation, Fatimid Foundation, and Hamza Foundation, along with their staff members and patients, actively participated. Outline: Distinguished […]